Early intervention helps solve the puzzle

Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for Children is dedicated to enabling children reach their full potential. Our services are optimised by providing assessment and therapy using a holistic, family centred and play based approach.

Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for Children works within home, school and community environments to identify the causes of a child’s difficulties with everyday life.

Does your child struggle with daily activities that peers seem to do with ease? e.g. dressing, playing, writing, reading, sustaining attention and/or socialising. Or does your child have difficulties with higher cognitive functions such as emotional regulation, sensory processing, organisation, planning or problem-solving?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then contact Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for Children today to discuss your concerns and organise an assessment.

Let Jigsaw help your children maximise their potential with occupational therapy!