Closing down notice


‘Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for Children’ in Nowra will be closing at the end of Term 2, 2022 (June 30th is last day). Sheridan and her family are moving in July 2022 for an outback travelling adventure and new life experiences. Sheridan would like to thank all of her clients (past & present), colleagues, previous employees and referral sources for the support of her small practice during the last 10 years.

‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard’ A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

Waiting room management

To comply with current COVID-19 regulations, for your child’s JIGSAW OT session, please arrive at the TIME of your scheduled appointment or 5 minutes prior at the earliest. We ask that you park in our FRONT or REAR carpark @ 51 Bridge Rd, Nowra and WAIT in your car until you are collected by Amie/Sheridan. This is to reduce having too many people in our waiting room under current social distancing rules and have enough time/space to disinfect/clean surfaces between sessions. Thank you for your cooperation. JIGSAW OT.


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Given the current situation, we feel it is best to be prepared for worst case scenario – self isolation. With this said we are madly brainstorming on ways for you to be able to still access occupational therapy for your child/ren.

We are currently researching Telehealth and ZOOM.

For those who are not familiar with Telehealth, it is an online platform like Skype where your sessions are done via video chat.

Online sessions for occupational therapy is often done for rural and remote families who do not have access to clinic-based therapies. There is also some great research articles on the benefits of Telehealth and empowering parents/carers in working with their child.

To use this platform, ‘Jigsaw’ families will ideally have access computer/laptop or iPad with video/mic available and internet connection. Mobile phones can be used also if you do not have access to the above. We will provide resources to help you set up Telehealth. Fees for Telehealth are the same as an in clinic session hourly rate, however we are thinking we could do shorter but more frequent Telehealth sessions.

Your opinion is invaluable to us and like you, this is uncharted waters and we want to be seen as proactive not complacent.

We would really like to know your thoughts and we are always open to suggestions in how we can navigate through the coming events. The more we work together, the more people we can help together.

If Telehealth is something you would be interested in, please let us know.

If Telehealth isn’t going to work for you and your family, please let us know.

We want to know either way, so please respond with your thoughts when you can.

Kind Regards,

Sheridan Wicks (Owner/Occupational Therapist) & Amie MacDonald (Receptionist)

Coronavirus response

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Re: Coronavirus response

Like many organisations, Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for Children has put additional precautions in place in response to the continued spread of Novel Coronavirus.

Our priority is the health and safety of staff, and our families and children, as we endeavour to continue to offer our service.

To support us in this, we ask our families to be mindful of the following guidelines we currently have in place:

  • Travel alerts and obligations: If anyone has travelled recently from China, Italy, South Korea, Japan or Iran, or been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, we cannot support any face-to-face interaction until that person has gone through self-isolation or similar for a quarantine period of at least 14 days.


  • Flu symptoms: If anyone has any cold or flu symptoms, we ask them not to come to Jigsaw or attend appointments or events requiring face to-face interaction with others.


  • Infection: If any staff, our families and children or family members/family friends become infected with coronavirus, we request immediate disclosure to Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for Children so that we can act to protect the health of our staff, families and children.

We are monitoring the situation daily to ensure the health and safety of our staff, families and children. We appreciate your support and cooperation during this period.


Yours sincerely,

Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for Children

COVID-19 response

As of Monday 16/03/20, JIGSAW OT will be putting precautions in place in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak & flu season. If you/your child is experiencing cold & flu like symptoms, vomiting/diarrhoea/fever, we ask that you do not attend our clinic until symptoms have subsided. We request that all visitors to our clinic wash their hands upon arrival/departure. We understand symptoms can occur suddenly, so please contact us ASAP 02 44213616 or via email if you need to cancel your appointment. We appreciate your support and cooperation during this period.

That’s a wrap for 2019!


Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for Children is now closed for the Christmas/New Year holidays.

The clinic will re-open on Monday 13th January 2020.

Sheridan & Amie would like to wish all our ‘Jigsaw’ families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope everyone stays safe and well during the holiday period.

Photo by Svetlana Sidorenko on Unsplash


  1. What is Sensory Processing & Self-Regulation? sensory processing.jpg

FREE INFO NIGHT for parents and pre-school/school teachers to provide some education on sensory processing & self-regulation in children.

This presentation is from Sheridan Wicks (principal of ‘Jigsaw’ Occupational Therapy for Children) for about 30-40mins and additional 20mins+ for answering questions, brainstorming and networking.

The workshop is to be held in our clinic room, so there will be a maximum capacity. We’ll have chairs, crash mats, gym ball and floor space for seating. Some ‘sensory snacks’ will be provided.


TIME: 5.30PM-6.30PM

WHERE: 51 Bridge Rd, NOWRA.

First in best dressed. RSVP required by Monday 6th March, 5pm.

Please pass on this event if you know of anyone who would benefit.

Click ‘going’ on this event on our Facebook page or email myself, Sheridan via email:



superheroes kids.jpg

We are hosting a BRAND NEW FREE workshop on the importance of play!

‘Playing is one of the most important things you can do with your child, because play is essential for your child’s brain development. The time you spend playing together gives your child lots of different ways and times to learn’ (Raising Children’s Network).

Play also helps your child:
* build confidence
* feel loved, happy and safe
* develop social skills, language and communication
* learn about caring for others and the environment
* develop physical skill
(Raising Children’s Network)

Come along to our FREE info night and learn about the ‘Stages of Play’, and how you can enhance your child’s play skills in your own home.

Presented by Occupational Therapist Jenna Worthing, Jenna is an experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist with additional training in play skills and particularly, play development for children on the Autism Spectrum.

DATE: 22nd MARCH, 2018

TIME: 5.30PM-6.30PM

WHERE: 51 Bridge Rd, Nowra

First in best dressed as spaces are limited. RSVP by Tuesday 20th March, 5pm.

Click ‘going’ on this event or email myself Sheridan at

We have moved!!

We have moved to our new building which is located on 51 Bridge Rd, Nowra, NSW 2541.

The building is located diagonally opposite the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.

We are sharing the building with Nowra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic.

Parking is available onsite (front and rear) of building.

Please call us on 02 44213616 if you have an enquiry for our Occupational Therapy services.